Learning Blogging Ins and Outs through WordPress Video Tutorials

Blogging has become a favorite pastime of many professionals. In fact, it has become a feature of today’s culture, as more people are turning their computers on and logging on the net. Thus, blogging platforms are the popular internet destinations these days, and one of the most well known and well liked is WordPress. Where blogging changed the way we use the internet, WordPress modified the way people blog. With it, blogging became more than just a creative and liberating writing experience. Yet with so many interested people out there, only a few of them have used this blogging platform to its maximum potential. This is why WordPress video tutorials were made to help beginners have a facile experience with blogging on WordPress. While there are different other blogging sites (like Joomla, Google Blogspot, or Drupal), nothing beats the flexibility and functionality of WordPress.The community of WordPress is vast, including millions of bloggers from all over the world. So it is unlikely to not be able to find help if you need it. Sharing of information among members of the blogging community is permitted. So don’t hesitate asking for information regarding usage basics.WordPress video tutorials are important as you are starting to blog. Many bloggers don’t have the knack in blogging at first, and even though they eventually get to learn the ins and outs of blogging, they can spend ages before realizing the true potential of this blogging site. Regular writers, for instance, can have a tough time with any blogging platform if they are not the usual internet savvy professionals. Hence, spending some time watching tutorial videos is not at all a bad thing. Even when you are only blogging for fun and recreation—and not for economic purposes—you can still find that if you learn much about the functions and options a blogging site can offer, you can enhance the look of your blogs to match your personality, interest, and attitude to make your blogs look unique. Through video guides, even novices can improve their blogs to look like professional online pages.

Did you know that search engines, like Google and Yahoo, like blogs? So you need to learn the right tips to make your blogs competent, unless you are only writing for your own consumption, which is a highly unlikely thing. If your blog is well structured, you can earn online popularity as more people would come to visit your blog and read your write-ups and check out your posts. Isn’t that amazing—that you can have people you don’t know come to your blogs and read your posts and leave comments? It feels great! However, so many bloggers simply add content without having the slightest idea of effectively optimizing their blogs. If this is one of your concerns, then video tutorials can also help you.

WordPress video tutorials can really be of aid to you, as you gain more blogging experience. Get all the help you can get from page layouts to optimizing your blogs for search engines.


WordPress Blog Tutorial for Starters

Blogging has made a lot of people popular on the web. People are entwined to blogging for its many purposes, from plain expression to being a pastime and to being a source of income. But while many have harnessed blog sites to their full utility, some are still left struggling to deal with the basics of blogging. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet and it has a good share of audience and users. If you are a starter in blogging, WordPress is the best option to start your blogging experience. Before you begin, please read a bit about WordPress blog tutorial to have a basic idea of what to expect upon signing up.

1. Log on to WordPress and you shall see a Sign Up option on the upper right corner of the site’s homepage. Click on this button to start registering for a WordPress account. You will have to sign up using a valid email address, so make sure you already have an email account before registering to any blog site. You shall be filling in your username and password (that only you knows). Then, you will be confirming you have read and understood the terms and conditions set by the WordPress site. You should go over the terms and conditions section to know how to use the blogging platform properly. Click on the button beside “Gimme a Blog!” option found at the bottom of the first form to fill out.

2. Key in the text that you want to appear before “.wordpress.com” because this becomes your domain name. You also need to choose your blog title. After signing up, you can no longer change the domain name but you can change the blog title later. Before signing up, you can select the language of your choice to customize your blog. You also have to decide if you want your blog to be private or public. If you choose the latter, then your blog shall appear in search listings.

3. Verify your account information after signing up to activate your account. Check your email (the one you used upon signing up) and check the email from WordPress. The email contains a link to click for you to activate your account.

4. After you have successfully signed up for an account, you shall be directed to your dashboard, wherein you can start off with your blog by changing your blog’s theme or writing a post. Explore the dashboard and get familiar with the options and functions. Depending on what you want to do and how you want to enhance your blog, there are WordPress Blog Tutorial guides available on the web to make your blogging a quick experience.

Don’t worry because, the more you visit your blog and go through different options, the more you get familiar with the functions and settings. If you wish to gain more knowledge about optimizing your blog and making it gain money, you can view WordPress blog tutorial videos online.